Hello, I'm Kel and welcome to my Ensemble Stars!! translation masterlist. You can read a bit about who I am and my contact details here.

This masterlist contains !! era event and scout stories, in chronological order. I've been a fan for just over a year now, and in that time I've collected links for my own personal reference. I built this list out of that data, in the hopes that it may help someone out there.

All translation links are direct to the translators' upload. Nothing is hosted or archived on this site. I have done my best to respect translators' terms of use for linking on a public list, and have asked many of them directly for permission when not explicitly stated. That being said, if I have made a mistake I apologise. Please let me know and I will take down links as soon as possible.

Thank you to all translators for your hard work. And to all readers, please respect translation work!


Why is there no translation link for a story?

Either a translation does not exist yet, or it does exist but I am unable to link to it here due to a translator's terms of use. I have noted on each story where this is the case, so you can search for it yourself.

How can I find the translations?

Use a search engine, search twitter, or search tumblr. You can also follow EnstarsENG on twitter, as they will retweet translation links. These are ways I have found things myself and keep up to date. I will NOT give out links if asked.

What do you mean by "Accessible via Wayback Machine"?

For translations that used to exist on the Enstars Wiki, you can enter a story page link into Wayback Machine to find an archived version before they were deleted.

Where are the ! era stories?

I currently have no plans to compile a masterlist for ! era. Please understand that this list was already a lot of work to code even if I already had the data on hand. I do not have ! era data on hand. It's not a priority for me especially because a lot of older stories can be accessed via Wayback Machine.

What about !! era idol stories?

I'm considering adding these on a separate page if there is a demand. For now, I rest.

My translation is linked here, but I want it taken down.

Please message me on any of my sites listed here and I will take it down as soon as possible!